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Smart Fare Collection System

   Fare collection system is a set of ticket sales, ticket inspection, financial statistics, ticketing and other functions in an integrated ticketing management system. The system can perform project venues, project sponsors, ticket agency, show ticket units to provide comprehensive, integrated, sophisticated hardware and software system services, which not only provides accurate online seat selection, ticket printing, ticket inspection management services; coupon can also be meticulous design, project management, sales accounting, statistical reports and other management services directly.

Fare collection system capable of providing cultural performances, sporting events, attractions landscape etc organizations a fast and stable, perfect software and hardware equipment to sales, inspection, management ticket system. The system can effectively solve the live performances or ticket booking slow process, pressure on pre-sale and sale of crown concentration on scene, pressure on high speed of ticket inspection and statistics cumbersome etc. Tickets medium is used in anti-counterfeiting technology features with barcode printing paper tickets, the barcode ticket is less cost, ticket paper itself with security features, beautiful appearance, visitors can keep it for memory. In addition, based on organizer''s marketing requirement, the ticketing system is also providing a membership card function alone with hard device. Organizer and scenic units according to their marketing needs, develop affiliate marketing. Membership provides membership management system, card readers, recharge, refund, statistics and other operational functions. The card also can adopted advanced RFID and reader devices to quickly and efficiently conduct membership card and management.

System Function and Features

* A comprehensive solution ticketing system of "sales, inspection, management"  

* According software client can developed own marketing strategies and format, all sales data is automatically calculated by the system

* Fast and stable fare collection management module and system hardware, providing customers with one-stop ticketing solution

* Powerful comprehensive financial statistical reporting capabilities allow customers to multi-dimensional data management and mining, to provide a more professional and comprehensive data analysis of materials

* Provide electronic ticket interface, convenient of purchasing and changing ticket

* Standard interface, customized development.


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