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Smart Pedestrian Access Management System

  Intelligent pedestrian access management system combined with access gates hardwares, using network management techniques and the implementation of security technology to operate online or offline, the system authorities access for pedestrian in a fast and efficient way through personal details identification. In addition this system also can integrated with fare collection system, time and attendance, door access control, visitor management and other management functions to achieve the best performance.


This intelligent system can applies to sports stadiums, railway stations, bus stations, ports, subway stations, government offices, factories,  enterprises, commercial buildings, scenic venues, banks, supermarkets, universities, residential areas, leisure and entertainment, etc.


System Main Features

* Computers and smart gates using RS485 bus communication, easy for expansion. When the corresponding control system is installed , if want to increase number of smart gates , only need to increase no of access gate, the software can start to manage the gate to operate in working condition and other functions through setting.  

* System can be operated online with networked or working offline mode.

According to the system download parametersaccess gate automatically determine the IC / ID card whether is valid or not and to decided to open/close the gate. On the meantime the system will record gate open/close data and save in the memory.

* System can use a variety of issues contactless smart card , known as radio frequency card , successful solve out a multi-purpose card, confidential, wear, simple operation etc problems, greatly improve the usefulness of the gates’ operation

* System can monitor the status of each device working condition, receive the equipment data information

* With real-time search function, you can keep abreast of district personnel information, through a variety of intuitive statement analysis, mining valuable information

* According to customers’ actual requirement, system provides intelligent statistical programs, which can custom statistical variety financial statements, the smart modules can also provide up to tens of thousands of financial statistical reports compensate for the lack of common

* The system can integrated with other systems such as parking systems, surveillance systems etc to form a complete system of local communication


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